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When is a Golf Course Too Long?

The game's governing bodies - the R&A and USGA - this week officially announced their concern over widespread driving distance increases at the elite (professional) level.

The R&A & USGA's annual review of driving distance in golf pertains to the pro game and not the driving distance of club golfers and it is important to note any "rollback" would not be aimed at everyday players. However, it would almost certainly eliminate the need for new golf courses being built which could be stretched to 8000 yards (7315 metres) or more.

You may not be interested in the golf ball debate but we think you have an opinion on what is your preferred length for a golf course (keeping in mind that only very few courses in Australia extend beyond 6700 metres).

Question: When Does an 18-Hole Golf Course's Length Become Unenjoyable?
  • More than 7000 metres
  • More than 6600 metres
  • More than 6300 metres
  • More than 6000 metres
  • More than 5500 metres
  • More than 5000 metres
  • None of the Above

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