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When is Golf's Age of Contentment?

Former World No. 1 Jason Day turned 30 on Sunday.
Australian golf superstar Jason Day turned 30 on Sunday, entering into a new decade which is often considered a golfer's prime.

In their early-to-mid 30s, most golfers are able to take advantage of a relatively high level of physical fitness and have generally built enough experience in previous years to have a strong grasp of how best to manage their ability on the golf course.

Much more difficult to pinpoint though is the period when a golfer is likely to derive the most satisfaction from the game.

Question: Which decade do you think will have provided you the most happiness on the golf course?
0-9 Years Old
10-19 Years Old
20-29 Years Old
30-39 Years Old
40-49 Years Old
50-59 Years Old
60-69 Years Old
70-79 Years Old
80-89 Years Old
90-99 Years Old

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