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Weekly Reader Poll: Yay or Nay for Golf Lasers?

Rangefinders are common in the professional game but should they be legal for amateurs?
Are golf lasers - or 'rangefinders' as they're also known - a detriment to any amateur golfer's enjoyment of the game?

Rangefinders are fairly commonplace on fairways around Australia where club golfers take advantage of technology which can provide an instant and accurate distance reading to help them with each shot.

Lasers unquestionably reduce the time a golfer spends preparing for a shot which would otherwise involve pacing a meterage between the ball and a sprinkler head or other fixed distance marker.

But are lasers contributing to golf's demise from an art form to a science?

In his column Golf Science Drowning Out Art, iSeekGolf's Bruce Young argues rangefinders have no place in the professional game, which once placed a value on being able to 'eyeball' distances.


Question: Should rangefinders be allowed for use in amateur golf competition?
  • Yes
  • No

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