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Weekly Reader Poll: When is a Disaster Golf Hole OK?

Shanshan Feng during her final round of the US Women's Open, which ended badly with a triple bogey (Photo: USGA/Darren Carroll).
Shanshan Feng's triple bogey at the 72nd hole of the US Women's Open not only cost her the equivalent of about $425,000 but was a painful end to what had been a golden opportunity for her to claim a second major championship.

Finishing off a tournament on that sort of note could never be a good feeling for any touring professional.

As for club golfers, a final hole blow out doesn't exactly leave you feeling overjoyed as you head into the clubhouse for a meal and a drink.

But, for some amateurs, perhaps a round-ruining hole at the 18th is better than a catastrophic score right out of the gate.


Question: When would you prefer to have your worst hole of a round?
  • First hole
  • Last hole

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