Weekly Reader Poll

Weekly Reader Poll Results: What would bring you through the turnstiles?

iSeekGolf's readers have spoken: They want cheaper tickets to professional golf tournaments.
Cheaper tickets has been overwhelmingly highlighted as a professional golf tournament's most attractive feature - excluding star players - by iSeekGolf's readers.

The latest Weekly Reader Poll asked voters to decide what encouraged them to spectate live at a pro golf event and 'Cheap admission prices' was the overwhelming favourite, taking 40 per cent of the vote, following by 'Heavily reduced food & beverage prices' (20 per cent).

iSeekGolf forum user BarnEsy05 was among those calling for cheaper cost of entry:

"Cheap admission prices...it's about bums on seats. 

Unfortunately few of the worlds best golfers think it worthwhile coming down under so high prices to watch an average field just won't cut it these days.

Use the "Michael Hill" technique where it's about big stock turnover (in this case, patrons) at low margins, where offering an average (mostly below) product at cheap prices makes people truly believe they are getting a good deal."


Results: What - apart from star players - is most likely to attract you to a professional golf tournament?
  • Free car parking (on-site & nearby)
  • Cheap admission prices
  • Heavily reduced food & beverage prices
  • The ability to spectate while standing on the fairway (no ropes)
  • More grandstand seating
  • A 'party' hole
  • More indoor viewing points on-course
  • Other

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