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Weekly Reader Poll Results: Is Tiger's Playing Career Over?

According to iSeekGolf's readers, Tiger Woods will never seriously contend again on tour. (Photo: Getty Images)
Nobody in golf sparks more discussion and speculation than Tiger Woods. When we put it to iSeekGolf's readers to offer their views on the future of Tiger Woods as a competitor, there was a strong response and the answers were varied.

With seven options of chose from, a clear majority (30 per cent) has declared that the 14-time major winner will never seriously contend again at any event.

The next most popular responses were: 'He will win again but not a major' (17 per cent) and 'He will remain competitive but never win another tournament (17 per cent).

iSeekGolf reader iRON MiCK offered the following response to the poll question:

Tiger will win again, just not a Major.

I chose this option as the most likely of those offered. Reason being I have no doubt, that if Tiger can return to competitive golf, he will win again, his record in PGA Tour Events has him winning at least one, every season he plays 12 events or more.

Tiger Woods has had his fair share of scandal and injury since winning his last Major nearly a decade ago, however he continues to win events when fit.

If: and this is a big if: his most recent surgery corrects whatever has hampered his swing, and he can get to a reasonable fitness, he will win again on Tour. 

There are number of times he overcame injury to win Majors when he was young, I have no doubt if he can get his back "right" he will win events in 2018 and beyond.


Results: What does the future hold for Tiger Woods' playing career?
  • He will reach or surpass Jack Nicklaus' current record of 18 major wins
  • He will win at least one more major
  • He will win again but not a major
  • He will remain competitive but never win another tournament
  • He will never seriously contend again at any event
  • He will never compete again on any major tour
  • He will retire but return to competitive play on the 50 and over Champions Tour

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