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Weekly Reader Poll Results: How Do You Feel About Golf Tantrums?

Watching your playing partner have a golf tantrum can be an uncomfortable experience.
The votes are in, and iSeekGolf's readers have made it clear that golf tantrums are, more than anything, uncomfortable for anybody who has to witness them.

33 per cent of voters said they'd feel uncomfortable if a playing partner lashed out by throwing or kicking a club after a bad shot.

Interestingly, there's a large slice of voters (27 per cent) who would find it amusing and the same number who would be indifferent.

Every club has its sticklers for rules and etiquette and one per cent of voters would be willing to dob in a playing partner for an on-course outburst.

Results: What would you do if your playing partner kicked or threw a club to the ground after a poor shot in a regular club competition?
  • Nothing
  • Think it was funny
  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Verbally criticise the person
  • Report the person to your club

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