Weekly Reader Poll

Weekly Reader Poll Results: Hole-in-one or Albatross?

Tommy Fleetwood couldn't hide his joy after scoring an albatross on the European Tour in 2015.
Never before has there been a more divisive iSeekGolf Weekly Reader Poll than this week.

Asked whether they would rather have a hole-in-one or an albatross, voters could barely split the two options.

A hole-in-one proved fractionally more popular, taking 43 per cent of the vote, while 42 per cent chose an albatross as their preferred achievement.

Only 15 per cent of respondents declared they would prefer to win their local club championship.

One insightful take from this week's Weekly Reader Poll Forum came from Bumpy.M:


“Albatross. Two lucky shots in a row is better than one lucky shot in a row (unless it's holing a drive on a par 4, that is a good albatross, but a better hole in one). With a hole in one, you are guaranteed a perfect lie and would generally be hitting an iron. An albatross will have required a good drive followed generally by a long iron or fairway wood.”


Results: Which would you rather achieve on the golf course?
  • A hole-in-one
  • An Albatross
  • Victory in your local club championship

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