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Weekly Reader Poll: Golf's Great Momentum-Stoppers

Jordan Spieth overcome an unplayable lie on the 13th hole on Sunday at The Open and played his last 5 holes in 5 under.
Jordan Spieth showed remarkable mental strength after the 13th hole in the final round of the Open Championship to overcome what is traditionally one of the great momentum stoppers in the game: An unplayable lie.

Effectively a 1-2 shot penalty (depending on what your options are for where you can drop your ball), an unplayable lie can arrest seemingly any momentum you may have built up to that point in your round. One saving grace – which we often don’t have the presence of mind to think at the time – is that an unplayable lie is generally not as bad as losing your ball or hitting it out of bounds, which are both cause for a two-shot penalty and returning to the point where you played your last shot.

It forms part of this week's Weekly Reader Poll question.

Question: Which of the following moments of adversity during a round of golf is hardest to overcome?
  • An unplayable lie
  • Calling a penalty on yourself for accidentally moving your ball
  • Failing to get your ball out of a bunker
  • Three-putting
  • Hitting your ball in the water

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