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Understanding Golf Architecture Lowers Scores, Says Klein

Golfers who have a grasp of golf course architecture will not only play better but have more fun doing it, noted golf writer and historian Brad Klein has told The iSeekGolf Podcast.

Klein joined The iSeekGolf Podcast co-hosts Rod Morri and Adrian Logue on Episode 58 to discuss the changing landscape of golf media and, among other ideas, suggests removing 95 per cent of professional golf coverage would not be detrimental to the game of golf.


But perhaps of more interest to regular golfers is Klein's view on how understanding how golf courses are intended to be played can lead to lower scores.

“Read the slope of the fairways as if they were greens and figure out what’s going to happen when the ball lands," Klein says.

“Architecture is nothing more than what happens when the ball lands, and if you can figure that out, you’ll never get frustrated because something’s unfair and you’ll have a better field of play because you’ll have a wider range of misses because you’ll be able to shape and figure out where the high side is and where it’s going to come to a halt.”

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