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Tragedy For Day Family As Ellie Announces Miscarriage

Ellie Day has revealed a miscarriage in a lengthy and emotional Instagram post
Jason Day’s wife, Ellie, has revealed the couple have lost their third child to a miscarriage.

A popular and prolific poster on the social media site Instagram, Ellie revealed the news in a lengthy and heartfelt post overnight.

The Days announced the pregnancy in early November with a due date of June, Jason vowing to skip the US Open to attend the birth if necessary.

But in the four-page post, Ellie says her doctor gave her the tragic news two and a half weeks before Thanksgiving (November 23) that the baby had no heartbeat.

“I found out the baby had no heartbeat anymore. I was devastated,” she wrote.

“I snuck out the back door of my doctor, a hot, sobbing, mascara-covered mess. Two and a half weeks went by with me battling my heart and brain about what was happening in my body, wondering why this wouldn’t just be over.

“My heart couldn’t take the waiting, or the feeling, or the tiny belly bump poking out any longer. Why did this happen…and now that it’s passed, why can’t my body just accept it and get rid of it?

“Such a bizarre experience that I never understood before. Finally on Thanksgiving I lost the baby. Initially I felt complete despair. And then I saw the baby. Fully intact. Tiny perfect head and face and arms and legs. When I saw it I felt God so much I can’t explain it.”

The devastating news is the second personal tragedy to beset Day this year after his mother, Dening, was diagnosed with cancer in March.

The timetable outlined by Ellie suggests Jason would have known of the miscarriage when he made the trip home to play the Australian Open in Sydney last month.

Ellie’s post has already attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, many from fellow golfers and others within the golf community.

Read the full post below.

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