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Tiger Woods good to go - maybe?

(Photo: PGA of America)
Tiger Woods arrived at Valhalla today amidst speculation he would not even play this week and after playing nine holes he faced a media conference to discuss his readiness for the PGA Championship.

He was first asked how the back issue had occurred.

"Yeah, basically, when I landed on the bunker, my sacrum went out. So pinched the nerve and hence the spasm. My physio put it back in and we've just been treating it.

"It was a different pain than what I had been experiencing, so I knew it wasn't the site of the surgery. It was different and obviously it was just the sacrum.

"Once the bone is put back in, it's all good. The inflammation has been down, I've had range of motion. As you saw out there, I got my speed, my power, and I just need to obviously keep moving.

"It's not the site of the surgery. This is something totally different. As I said when I landed, it jarred it and jarred it lose, made it come out. As I was explaining to you guys last week, I haven't been able to do my agility stuff because I'm still building back up, still playing. I can't do both at the same time. So when the season is over, in the off season, getting back to my agility work, my explosiveness, my power, all that stuff, back up to where I used to be."

So what are the dangers of him playing this week?

"My physio is here. If it does go out, he's able to fix it. One of those things, again, I still need to build strength, still continue to get stronger. Just going to take more time."

So when did he make the decision to come to Louisville?

"Probably yesterday afternoon. My range of motion was good. I started my firing sequence was back to normal the sequencing was good. If my sequencing is good then it's all good.

"It feels great to be back here. The fans are enthusiastic. They're loud. They're into. It's a totally different golf course than what I played in 2000. These greens are all different. I have my book from 2000; it's useless. There's some new things that we have to learn out there. Joey has been here on the ground. He's got a pretty good handle on it. We'll run through some more of it as we go.

"I felt pretty good about how I played and the shots I hit. I need to get more feel for how this golf course is playing. I'm not used to seeing the chipping areas like this. We didn't have that in 2000. It was just deep blue grass. That's a bit of a different look and different options.

We're experimenting with some different clubs, shots. Trajectories, Strick (Steve Stricker) and I were talking about how the bounce is actually pretty true. There's some different options which we weren't used to in 2000.

So is he pain free?

"Pain free, yes, except for the headache of talking to you guys.

Woods then headed out to walk the back nine.

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