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The trick shot video to end them all

DAVID Kalb has seem to have out done Golf Link's Jon Perkins in the battle of the perfect trick shot.

IT HAS come to our attention that there is a trick shot that MAY be better than the one we so proudly conquered a few months ago.

You may remember this video of Golf Link’s John Perkins attempting the “Money Shot”.


David Kalb’s YouTube video has thrown into question how great our achievement really was.

Not only does David successfully land a hot dog in a bun with nothing but a golf ball, but he doesn’t stop at one trick shot, executing three elaborate trick shots perfectly.

Setting a golf ball on fire to light up a watermelon is just another way in which David has put to shame 90% of golf trick shot videos on the internet.

And to silence all those doubting the authenticity of the plays, different camera angles and viewpoints are used putting any possible rumours to rest.

Check it out:

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