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Video: Smylie falls for oldest trick in the book

SMYLIE Kauffman got a shock during a practice round for this week's PGA Tour event when his playing partners planted a fake snake on his bag.

FOR the most part, professional golf is seen as a buttoned down pursuit where everyone involved seems to take everything pretty seriously.

From the ‘Quiet’ signs wielded by the tournament volunteers to the myriad rules which govern the game, from the outside it seems there’s not much focus on fun.

Like most stereotypes, of course, this would be an inaccurate picture to paint of the game at the top level and social media is helping to break down some of those perceptions.

Take, for example, this video posted from the practice round at this week’s PGA Tour event in Las Vegas.

Defending champion Smylie Kaufman was out scouting the course with his dad and a couple of other players when he was targeted for one of the oldest – but still best – pranks in the book.

TWIG - the legend of moe norman:

While Smylie was busy doing something else, one of the wags in his entourage produced what appears to be a rubber snake and set it on top of his driver.

As Kaufman returns his club to the bag after his shot, he is confronted by the terrifying sight of the reptile and his reflex response is exactly what his ambushers were hoping for.

Pushing the bag away from him and jumping back while letting out a terrified scream, Kaufman quickly realises he’s been had.

While this embarrassing moment might otherwise have gone no further Justin Thomas, Kaufman’s good friend and fellow PGA Tour player, ensured otherwise by retweeting the video to his 71,000 followers.

If Kaufman’s other best buddies Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth join in the fun his humiliation will be complete. Between them those two have 3 million followers on Twitter.

In the meantime, Smylie is back to concentrating on defending his title at the TPC Summerlin course this weekend.



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