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Video: Rumford's new stick and flick shot

HE is one the masters of the short game and Brett Rumford again showed why with these magic hands.

HE is one of the best short game players in the world and Australian Brett Rumford now has a new trick in his locker, even if it might not be completely within the rules of the game.

Rumford posted a video on his Instagram account of him appearing to hit a flop shot with a ball sitting up nicely on some grass.

However, Rumford decelerates just before going straight under the ball and allows the ball to, amazingly, stay on the club face.

And Rumford wasn't done there.

The West Australian takes some short steps backward and "throws" the ball in front of him.

"For those that are struggling with [their] face control when chipping try the 'Stick & Flick' technique," wrote Rumford on the social media account.

"I don't believe The R&A stipulate in the rules of golf 'how long' a ball must stay on the face at impact - so - 'flick' that 'stick' where you want it."

We doubt Rumford will be trying this in a tournament any time soon and we wouldn't suggest anyone do this in their Saturday competition either, but it is worth the watch.

Earlier this year, Rumford showed off more of his short game skill just before the Scandinavian Masters when he hit a flop shot with a measly 5-iron.

It's also not only during practising that the European Tour player impresses, at the Perth International Rumford produced an amazing bunker shot that was recently declared the best of the season so far.



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