Q&A: Steve Williams Says Tiger's Had Last Win

Caddy Steve Williams has the utmost respect for Adam Scott, who he continues to work with at the major championships. (Photo: Bruce Young)
In an exclusive iSeekGolf Q&A, legendary caddie Steve Williams discusses his favourite person in golf, what annoys him on tour and much more.


iSeekGolf: Have you got the best job in the world – or is it a lot more stressful than people realise?

Steve Williams: Yes, it’s more stressful than people think but still arguably one of the best jobs in the world.


ISG: As a rough ballpark figure, how much did/does it cost you each year to caddie on tour (ie your travel and living expenses when at tournaments)?

SW: $4,000 per event.


ISG: If you weren’t a pro caddie, what would you be doing?

SW: Farming.


ISG: Would you support the formation of a genuine world golf tour (in the same way that ATP tennis has its global circuit)?  

SW: Yes.


ISG: Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Karrie Webb, Lydia Ko: who will finish their career with the most majors?   

SW: Rory.


ISG: You can only play one course for the rest of your life: which one is it?

SW: Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand.


ISG: How long, within reason, should it take three pros to play a round of tournament golf?

SW: 4 hours, 20 minutes.


ISG: Who is/was the best company among your professional peers – players or caddies – and why?

SW: Adam Scott: a true gentleman and consummate professional.


ISG: What is the most annoying habit of other players on tour (other than your boss)?

SW: Chewing tobacco.


ISG: What conversation topics are you guaranteed to have with players and/or caddies during a round?

SW: Sporting results – in my case, Rugby – and current issues and events.


ISG: What shot makes professionals most nervous?

a) A long bunker shot with trouble behind the green

b) A sliding two-metre putt to make the cut

c) An approach shot over water to a tight pin

d) The first tee shot of the day in front of a large gallery

e) Other: please explain

SW: A long bunker shot with trouble behind the green.


ISG: You’re appointed PGA Tour Commissioner for a day: what changes would you introduce?

SW: Reduce field sizes, introduce penalties for slow play and reduce the cc sizes for drivers.


ISG: You see a member of your playing group flagrantly break a rule of golf; what do you do?

SW: Quietly let him know you've observed what he's doing.


ISG: Should golfers be tested more often for performance enhancing drug use?

SW: No.


ISG: What do you regard as your greatest moment as a caddie: whose bag were you carrying, what was the tournament, and describe the circumstances?

SW: Adam Scott, 2013 Masters, second playoff hole – the circumstances are well documented.


ISG: Which shot would you like to have again as a caddie: whose bag were you carrying, what was the tournament, and describe the circumstances?

SW: Ray Floyd, 1990 Masters, 4th round, 17th hole at Augusta. Ray needed 4, 4 to become the oldest Masters champion. He drove down the middle of 17 and said to me: 'I'm just going to hit it 15 feet left of the hole'. The first thought in my head was: ‘What if you aim 15 feet left then pull it down that slope? That's a tough putt from there; it’s better to miss the green right – a much easier chip.’ He was in total control that day. But I didn't say what I thought. Of course, he aims left, pulls it down the slope, three putts and loses to Faldo in the playoff. To this day, I still don't know why I didn't speak my mind; I always have. It’s my #1 regret in 39 years of looping.


ISG: The Tiger Woods Question – Will he:

a) Win another major? NO

b) If not, will he win another tournament? NO

c) If not, will he ever finish top-10 again? SW: YES

d) If not, when do you think he’ll decide enough’s enough, and walk away?




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