PXG Putters making their mark

PXG have made a big splash with their innovative irons but their extensive range of putters are gaining attention as well.

THEY’VE already made a splash in the world of irons but audacious startup manufacturer PXG are also active in the putter world.

While Bob Parsons’ company has struck a chord with large sections of the golf market searching for the perfect iron, his putters have slowly been gaining traction as well.

Premium clubfitting specialists PureForm are a major distributor of PXG in Australia via their state of the art studios in Sydney and Melbourne and company co-founder and Director of Club Fitting Paul Jenner says PXG’s putters are the equal of anything on the market.

“We’ve tested every one of the high end putters available on the market and the PXG are up there in all categories with all of them,” he says.

“There’s no doubt the company’s irons have attracted most of the attention but as people start to discover the putters a bit more I think they will start to get the same sort of attention.

“A lot of the same technology is used in the manufacturing of the putters as the irons and the range covers every style that any golfer could want.”

Like all PXG equipment the putter range is not available at retail as the company believes fitting is a crucial part of ensuring every golfer has the right equipment for their unique swing.

“You can’t walk into a retail store and buy this equipment because it’s designed to be tailored to each individual player,” says Jenner.

“When people go through the process they are often amazed at the improvements a good club fitter can achieve without changing anything in their swing.

“And putting is the same. We all have a certain in built style which is our natural move and the key is to match your putter to your stroke.

“You can’t do that by just buying a putter off the shelf and that’s where the combination of a proper fitting and the extensive range of PXG putters comes in.”



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