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PNPGolf Opens Custom Club Fitting Studio

PNP Golf of Canberra recently opened its doors to the only custom club fitting studio in the region and proudly boasts that their master fitter, Craig Smith, is one of only 8 Australian's named in the Top 100 Club Fitters Worldwide. PNP Golf founder, Paul Donaghue, inventor of the Point N Putt Putter and RAKE Sand and Lob Wedges, intends to further expand the awareness of his short game clubs while educating golfers about the importance of properly fit equipment. Styled as the "Short Game Innovators", PNP Golf offers short game clubs clearly designed to make shots around the green easier. In recent months, PNP has garnered several rave reviews by Australian golf publications and writers, as well as by teaching professionals like Kathy Jenson, (nominated for U.S. Teacher of the Year 2013 and 2014). Jensen was impressed with the Rake Wedge series in particular "I am so amazed at how easy it is to execute what normally would be a difficult shot out of the rough and how effortlessly I can lift the ball out of the bunker." For those not familiar with PNP Golf, their RAKE Wedges have a patented dual bounce rail design that literally combs through sand and grass. No other club in the industry can instantly improve a player's performance around the greens like the RAKE Wedge. Additionally, the Point N Putt putter has a patented Directional Pointer that dramatically improves alignment, the key to consistently making putts. Studies by Sam PuttLabs, the industry leader in putting statistics, showed that over 50% of golfers tested improved their alignment by an average of 16.5% using a Point N Putt putter. The recently opened Canberra Fitting Studio uses state-of-the-art technology and launch monitor feedback from Foresight Golf Simulators to review a player's swing and suggest adjustments before building a player's clubs. The Foresight technology also records a player's club head and ball speed, angle of attack, spin, and other key data, allowing their fitters to determine the type of shaft, lie angle, length and weight of the club. These factors allow them to build a players club's to his/her particular golfing skills, thus maximizing performance and ball striking which can result in lower scores and more satisfaction. The Canberra Studio also uses a Tomi Putting Machine that analyzes a player's putting stroke and from data collected a putter can be built that will help improve a golfer's stroke. Visit the PNP Golf studio and mention this article to receive a free half hour custom fitting session worth $80. Or take advantage of our free shipping offer by entering the coupon code ISEEKGOLF at the checkout when ordering online. For more information on the Point N Putt Putter and RAKE Wedges visit "www.pnpgolf.com":https://www.pnpgolf.com/or call 02-6239-3462.


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