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Video: Phil's flop shot starting craze

FANS have been marvelling at Mickelson's short game for years and now it seems there's a race on to emulate one of his most famous trick shots.

GOLF fans around the world have been marvelling at Phil Mickelson's short game prowess for years and now it seems there's a race on to emulate one of the American's most famous trick shots of all.

At least two videos have done the rounds on social media this week of some enthusiastic amateur golfers attempting the flop shot over their brave and/or foolish mates.

Mickelson performed this trick years ago in a video of his own featuring legendary club maker Roger Cleveland.

Lefty dropped a ball barely a club-length away from the feet of Callaway's iconic wedge maker and, after taking a full swing with a lob wedge, Mickelson coolly lifted his ball up and over Cleveland's head.

Equally impressive is the fact Mickelson's club didn't whack the brave Cleveland in the body during his follow-through.

Now it seems it is the turn of young social media stars around the globe to pull off the stunt, these two efforts some of the most impressive.

A cynic might suggest that, when at rest, the ball isn't directly in front of the statue-like human props, or that the player striking the ball is pulling it left, behind the head and not directly over it.

Whether a trick of the camera or not, all three of these stunts are impressive.

Anyone who is prepared to stand that close to a player (five-time major champion or not) taking a full swing at a real life golf ball deserves some sort of credit.

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