Peter Knight: The step through drill

IN this video Peter Knight explains why weight shift is important in the golf swing and shows you a drill to help understand it.

YOU'VE probably heard the term 'weight shift' or 'weight transfer' in relation to the golf swing and I have a drill I'd like to show you which might help you to understand what the term means and why it's important.

Any movement where we turn the body, be it throwing a stone or striking a golf ball, involves the pressure in the feet moving from one foot to the other.

This simple drill I'm going to show you will help you understand what that moving pressure, or weight, should feel like when you swing the club.
Start by taking your set up with the balance even on both feet. Now, when you turn your body away from the target, slide your front, (left for right handers), foot across so that it's close to your back (right for right handers) foot at the top of the swing.

You'll feel in this position that virtually all the pressure is now on that right foot.

Now, to begin the downswing, start by moving that front foot back to where it started then, in the same motion, swing through.

As you follow through I want you to actually step through with your back foot as though you're going to walk towards your target.

Start slowly at first because the faster you go with this the more difficult it is to get it right but the feedback you get from this should really ingrain the feeling you want to achieve in the swing.

To get an idea of why this weight shift or transfer is important, do this little experiment: try performing the drill by only swinging your hands and arms.

You'll find that not all your weight gets on to that back foot at the top of the swing but, more importantly, you'll quickly realise it's impossible to walk through on the downswing.

If you do this drill regularly it will really help improve one of the most important aspects of the golf swing and your power and accuracy will certainly increase.


Peter Knight

As one of only four Master Professional Coaches with the PGA of Australia, Peter Knight has a long track record of helping players whatever their age or ability level.

Peter applies the same care in coaching you as he does international teams and professionals.

All he asks is that you are prepared to put in a little practice to reap the rewards you want from your game.

 You can book lessons with Peter at Yarra Bend Golf Course either on the website www.yarrabendgolf.com or by calling (03) 9481 3729.

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