Peter Knight: The bottom of the swing

KNOWING where the correct low point is in the golf swing is crucial to hitting the ball solidly.

IF you look at the action involved in swinging a golf club it's pretty obvious that just by its shape, there must be a low point to the swing.

The club goes back, it comes down again to meet the ground then rises back up again in the through swing.

The important question for the golfer, then, is just where should that low point of the swing be?

I'll often ask a student where they think it should be and commonly people will say just behind the ball or right at the point where the ball and the ground meet.

Now if we think about that, it becomes clear pretty quickly that if the low point is before the ball then we'll catch the ball on the upswing.
The problem with that is that if you make contact with the ground first, you'll hit the ball heavy or fat and if you don't hit the ground, you'll likely hit the middle of the ball and hit it thin.

What we actually want to do is catch the ball with a descending blow and that means the low point needs to be six to eight centimetres in front of the ball

Even if you're hitting a hybrid or fairway wood you need to strike the ball with a descending blow. It will be a shallower angle of attack but it will still be descending and any thought you have about having to help the ball up or hit on the upswing will be deadly for these shots.

A good drill to ingrain this feeling is to place something like a tee or leaf six to eight centimetres in front of the ball and work on hitting both the ball and the object with your swing.

Whether your bad shot tendency is to hit the ball fat or thin, get this right and the quality of your contact will improve a lot, and quickly.


Peter Knight

As one of only four Master Professional Coaches with the PGA of Australia, Peter Knight has a long track record of helping players whatever their age or ability level.

Peter applies the same care in coaching you as he does international teams and professionals.

All he asks is that you are prepared to put in a little practice to reap the rewards you want from your game.

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