Peter Knight: the baseball swing drill

THE baseball swing isn't exactly the same as the golf swing but it can be helpful in learning the sequencing of a good action.

I WAS once lucky enough to coach a Major League Baseball batting coach and, while it taught me that the baseball swing and the golf swing aren't exactly the same, it also taught me there are enough similarities for the baseball swing to be a useful golf drill.

If you grab a golf club and pretend it is a baseball bat you'll notice a couple of things when you swing it.

Firstly, it's quite horizontal which is obviously different to golf. But what you will also notice is, as you swing it, the hands never pass the shoulders and arms.

The natural instinct for the body with the baseball swing is to turn the body and the shoulders and let the hands and the bat trail behind.

Now in golf, I see a lot of students whose hands pass the clubhead well before impact so the baseball swing drill is particularly useful if you're one of those people.

You start by making some slow baseball swings while standing upright then slowly increase the speed of the swing while at the same time adjusting your posture, a bit at a time, until you are in a full golf setup position.

If you maintain that same baseball feeling while you're in this position it will likely feel very different as the body and shoulders drive the movement and not the hands.

This drill is a great one to practise the sequencing of the swing without having to give it a whole lot of thought.


Peter Knight

As one of only four Master Professional Coaches with the PGA of Australia, Peter Knight has a long track record of helping players whatever their age or ability level.

Peter applies the same care in coaching you as he does international teams and professionals.

All he asks is that you are prepared to put in a little practice to reap the rewards you want from your game.

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