Peter Knight: creating torque in the swing

A LOT of golfers use their hands and arms too much in the swing, here I show you how to create torque with your body.

A LOT of golfers are way too active with their hands and arms when they swing the club which seems logical because it's the hands that are attached to the club.

But the problem with swinging this way is that it doesn't allow your body to be as involved in the swing as it should be.

Using the body properly to create torque is what generates power and I'm going to explain a little bit how that works and feels.

What we need to do in the golf swing is build an elastic energy through the body. The way you do that is by allowing your upper body to turn more than your lower body.

As you will see in the video above, the starting point here is to take your set up and keep the hips completely stable while turning the upper body as far as possible.

You'll see you can't turn very far because each disc in the spine can only turn a small amount and this range will be different for each person.

What you will feel through your core, however, is that elastic energy I mentioned earlier.

Now if you try the same thing but let the hips turn a bit more you will notice you get even more of that elastic energy I talked about. Again, you'll feel it through the middle of your body.

However, if you turn the hips too far all that elastic energy disappears. What we want to achieve, then, is just minimal hip turn with more shoulder turn.

When we begin the downswing the lower body starts to move just slightly before the upper body and this actually increases the torque that you'll feel.

As the body unwinds the shoulders are brought around largely because of that movement and the torque that's been built up.

When you do this correctly you'll find you don't have to use your hands and arms as much and you'll have better control while actually letting the rest of your body contribute to the golf swing.


Peter Knight

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Peter Knight