Peter Knight: club path during the swing

USE this visual concept I have created to help get your club on the right path all the way through the golf swing.

THE path the club follows during the swing is an interesting topic to look at and discuss and I have a concept I demonstrate that will help you understand it better.

If you imagine you have a laser light shining out of each end of the golf club you will be able to picture more clearly what I am trying to convey.

What we want to achieve in the swing is to have the imaginary lasers I mentioned pointing at that target line, or parallel to it, at all times.

So you can see at set up the light in the head end of the club would be resting on the line then as I take the club away the idea is to keep it pointing at the line.

At halfway back both lights would be shining along the line and as the club nears the top of the back swing you can see the laser at the handle end of the club would be pointing at the line.

At the top of the swing the club is again parallel to the target line.

One of the big mistakes people make is to try to 'take the club straight back' and as you can see in the 1:53 minute mark in the video that leads to the club actually getting off line.

That's because the club is swung on a curved path even though the laser lines are straight.

If you can grasp this concept and put it into practice I guarantee you the quality of your shots will improve.

And not just irons and full swings, this concept holds true for every single club in the bag from the putter to chipping to hitting the driver.

It might feel different to you when you first start working on it but that's a good thing because it means you've found something in your swing that you can improve on.


Peter Knight

As one of only four Master Professional Coaches with the PGA of Australia, Peter Knight has a long track record of helping players whatever their age or ability level.

Peter applies the same care in coaching you as he does international teams and professionals.

All he asks is that you are prepared to put in a little practice to reap the rewards you want from your game.

 You can book lessons with Peter at Yarra Bend Golf Course either on the website www.yarrabendgolf.com or by calling (03) 9481 3729.

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