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Pace of Play survey results are in

THE results from the R&A’s Pace of Play Survey are in, revealing the best time to take to the course in Australia if you want it to yourself.

THE results from the R&A’s Pace of Play Survey are in, revealing the best time to take to the course in Australia if you want it to yourself.

More than 46 per cent of Australians choose to tee off in the early morning, 10 per cent higher than the global average.

Interestingly, only 1 per cent of Australians said they regularly teed off after lunch.

This is good news for those looking for the quietest time for a round - perhaps for learners who are worried a wayward drive might hit someone on a neighbouring fairway.

Concerning round lengths, more than 68% of golfers worldwide said they were happy with the average pace of play as it stands, yet a majority (60 per cent) said they would enjoy playing golf more if a round took less time.

When it comes to competitive golf, it seems Australians like to compete often, but in true Aussie spirit we like to ensure everyone has a chance at winning.

More than 81 per cent of golfers nominated competition golf as the norm for a round, while Stableford is clearly the scoring method of choice for Aussie golfers. Stableford is typically more forgiving to amateur golfers than standard stroke play.

Approximately 64 per cent of players identified Stableford scoring as the norm for them, compared to a global average of just 34 per cent.

With a global average of just 45 per cent of golfers saying they played mostly in competitions, it seems Australian golfers also have the competitive sporting spirit.

With only 13 per cent of Aussie golfers saying they played golf socially and just for fun, maybe we’re a little too hooked on winning.

As far as the length of a round of golf, Australians may be taking their time compared to players on other continents.

Nearly 61 per cent of Aussies said a round normally takes between 4-4.5 hours, with 74 per cent of global golfers saying a round is generally between 3.5-4.5 hours in duration.

Going forward, those surveyed provided the R&A with 30,000 suggestions for how pace of play could be improved, while also stating what they think are the main issues currently.

The most popular reasons cited by all respondents, matching those by Australians only, were poor golf etiquette, long pre-shot routines and players thinking they could reach the green.

Meanwhile, North American golfers agreed the main cause was players hitting off tees that are too difficult for them, although globally this problem only ranked 12th out of 20.

The results also indicated that golfers play mostly in groups of four, except in Europe where groups of three are more popular.

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