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Pac Man meets Golf

A RECENT Google Maps update now allows users to play iconic 1980s game Pac-Man around the world's most famous golf courses.

JUST when you thought Google Maps had offered you every possible view of the world, they recently updated the service so you can play Pac-Man on virtually every street in the world. Or, as we discoevred, the streets around some of the world's most famous golf courses.

In the original Pac-Man, the iconic arcade game of the 1980s, a player controls the yellow character through levels of mazes, attempting to eat 'pac-dots' and cherries while being chased down by ghosts.

On April 1st this week, Google updated Maps so that you could convert any street system you are looking at into a playable Pac-Man maze.

While many were trying to find the best cities to create levels with, we were trying to find golf courses in the world with the best playable levels.

All you need to do is visit Google Maps and, while in 'Map' mode, select the Pac-Man icon in the bottom left corner and Google will convert that area of the screen into a maze.

Try it out for yourself and see if you can find better Pac-Man golf levels.

Here is our selection of Pac-Man near some of the world's great golf courses:


The iconic Melbourne layout is known for its bold and difficult bunkering, but those sand traps might not be as difficult as playing Pac-Man along Cheltenham Road and the clubhouse.

Pac Man Royal Melbourne


Another Melbourne sandbelt course offers an interesting Pac-Man experiment. Although its narrow paths offer more relief, the confusing twists and turns through St Andrews Drive and Royal Troon Avenue makes this a challenge for beginners and pros. 

 Pac Man Kingston Heath


Next week, Augusta National will be hosting the Masters Tournament, but this week it is hosting Pac-Man. It's the closest many of us will get to winding our way around Azelea Drive this year.

 Pac Man Augusta


The host of the 2015 US Open, Chambers Bay in Washington state is a challening, links-style layout. When combined with Pac-Man, the surrounding streets and car park offers players a meandering course with dangers at every corner.

Pac Man Chambers Bay 


The coastal layout made it hard to find a route, but the famous public course offers beginner players a section of long and straight paths that make it easy to get 'up and down' during the level.

 Pac Man Pebble Beach


The Open Championship returns to St Andrews in 2015, but the Old Course also allows Pac-Man players an opportunity to tour the streets around the 18th green and British Golf Museum.

Pac Man St Andrews

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