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On this day: April 5th, 2010

Woods facing the Media at the Masters on April 5th 2010 (Photo: Getty Images)
On this day in 2010, Tiger Woods, just five months after his outwardly perfect world had come crumbling down when his 'off course escapades' were exposed to the world, faced the media ahead of the 2010 Masters and, while it was not the first time he had fronted the media since the revelations were made public it was the first time since Nov 2009 that he both took and answered questions from the media.

His earlier press conference held in Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida in February of that year, where he apologised to all and sundry for his actions, was a very much stage-managed affair, Woods not taking any questions but attempting to explain his actions and expressing his sorrow for the impact they had had.

In his follow-up however, and to his credit, Woods fielded the questions and answered them in a very candid manner not only about the issues he was addressing but interrogation regarding his on course manner and issues concerning performance enhancing drugs.

Whatever one thinks of Woods and the issues that were facing him, that he fronted the media and fielded, without hesitation, some understandably very thorny questions was impressive in itself.

That he would go on to finish 4th just a few days later in his first event of any sort in five months, during a period where he had been under the most intense scrutiny, was arguably one of Woods’s greatest performances on the golf course. 


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