Randall: Thoracic Pro Through Swing

KEEPING the body and arms connected at impact and into the through swing is an important element in hitting quality shots.

MORE than one professional has used the line that golf is all about impact and this drill is designed to help with this part of your swing.

Where your hands and arms are in relation to your body through impact and beyond is critical in determining the quality of the shots you hit.

What we're trying to do with this drill is increase your awareness of what those positions are and give a feeling you can then replicate when you swing a golf club.

We start with our piece of tubing or the Thoracic Pro device if you have one and get our arms out in front using.

Now take your set up position and turn your left hand over and right hand under (for right handers) and set them in the position they would be just before impact.

From here we work the hands and arms through, turning the hands over through the impact zone, and on into the follow through feeling the connection with the upper body thanks to the tubing.

The most important part of this drill is to keep the arms out in front of the body and connected to the upper back.

This drill is all about arm connection and getting the correct feelings of where the arms and the hands should be during this part of the swing.


Nick RandallNick Randall is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Presenter, Rehab Expert and Therapist.

Nick is now based in Florida working with a number of professionals on multiple tours and is also contracted by Golf Australia as an International Consultant.

His business - Golf Fit Pro - is based in Brisbane, Queensland, where his multi disciplinary team of staff train and treat golfers at a private facility in the suburb of Milton.

He also has a range of online services including the world leading golf fitness app "Golf Fit Pro". Click here for more info.

Nick's passion for golf started at age 13 and quickly developed into a complete obsession that only seems to be getting stronger with age.

He began his strong interest in fitness aged 20, pursued the relevant qualifications, decided to mix his two passions to form a career in 2010 and hasn't looked back!

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