Nick Randall: Quick Mobility Shoulders

WORKING the shoulders before a round of golf will help you achieve better positions in your swing.

WORKING on the shoulders is really important in your fitness work and I've got two drills today that are designed to improve how this area functions during the swing.

We need to be able to get the shoulder in external rotation to get into a good backswing position and this drill will help open the shoulders up so we can achieve that.

First we take our Ramsey posture belt or piece of tubing and we get the hands down and behind the body, really opening the shoulders.

Then we turn the palms face up. This gets the upper back muscles to set the shoulder open and hold it there while we work the area.

Once you're in this position it's just a matter of making some small circular motions with the hands and you'll feel it working on that shoulder area.

For the second drill we take a split stance then taking our tubing from the opposite side of the body we stretch our arm behind again and get the palm facing the sky.

Similar to the first drill we then just make some small circles with the hand to really work that shoulder and upper back area.


Nick RandallNick Randall is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Presenter, Rehab Expert and Therapist.

Nick is now based in Florida working with a number of professionals on multiple tours and is also contracted by Golf Australia as an International Consultant.

His business - Golf Fit Pro - is based in Brisbane, Queensland, where his multi disciplinary team of staff train and treat golfers at a private facility in the suburb of Milton.

He also has a range of online services including the world leading golf fitness app "Golf Fit Pro". Click here for more info.

Nick's passion for golf started at age 13 and quickly developed into a complete obsession that only seems to be getting stronger with age.

He began his strong interest in fitness aged 20, pursued the relevant qualifications, decided to mix his two passions to form a career in 2010 and hasn't looked back!

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