Randall: Quick Activation Glutes

NICK Randall runs through a quick and easy exercise that will activate your glutes, to maintain and strengthen posture as you swing.

THIS fitness tip is all about muscle activation, specifically muscle activation in your glute muscles.

Your glute muscles are basically a collection of muscles which are more commonly known as your ‘butt’ and it’s really important in your golf swing.

It’s really important to hold posture through impact and really important in being able to control the pelvis and the hips as you move from your backswing to your follow through.

For this tip, I’m going to use a little piece of equipment known as a knee band, also commonly known as a micro power band.

I’m going to put it just above the knees and I’m going to set up so my knees are out over my toes.

That’s really important, the band wants to drag you in, you have to use your glute muscles to be able to push that band out.

From there, in order to get them really fired up and active, we’re going to do some small little ‘crab walks’, as we call them.

That small little stomping step is going to get some good glute muscle activation and moving laterally is going to get that good activation going.

The knee band crab walk is really good for getting your glutes fired up which is going to help you, control your posture through your golf swing.

It’s also going to minimise lateral hip movement during your golf swing.


Nick RandallNick Randall is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Presenter, Rehab Expert and Therapist.

Nick is now based in Florida working with a number of professionals on multiple tours and is also contracted by Golf Australia as an International Consultant.

His business - Golf Fit Pro - is based in Brisbane, Queensland, where his multi disciplinary team of staff train and treat golfers at a private facility in the suburb of Milton.

He also has a range of online services including the world leading golf fitness app "Golf Fit Pro". Click here for more info.

Nick's passion for golf started at age 13 and quickly developed into a complete obsession that only seems to be getting stronger with age.

He began his strong interest in fitness aged 20, pursued the relevant qualifications, decided to mix his two passions to form a career in 2010 and hasn't looked back!

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