New Hybrids, Irons and Crossovers in Ping G Series

DEVELOPING knowledge and drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as dragonfly wings and 18-wheelers, PING has launched its new G series.

DEVELOPING knowledge and drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as dragonfly wings and 18-wheelers, PING has launched its new G series of irons, hybrids and the crossover.

G HYBRIDS: Get Closer, Easier

Faster ball speeds are generated by an innovative tiered internal sole structure that facilitates flexing of the Carpenter 455 precision-machined face to optimize launch conditions for consistently longer results.

By thinning the crown, PING engineers positioned the center of gravity low-back to provide high launch with reduced spin and maximum forgiveness for greater distance.

Turbulators on the crown and a contrasting groove pattern simplify aim and alignment, creating a consistently centered impact position. Available in 17°, 19°, 22°, 26°, and 30°.

Long and Forgiving:

  • Fast and stable head design for higher launch and 4 more yards of carry

Variable Thickness Carpenter 455 Face:

  • Hotter for faster ball speeds across face and longer distance

Ping G Hybrids

Tiered Internal Sole:

  • Engages bending across entire face for more ball speed and distance

Turbulator Technology:

  • Helps with alignment, frames the ball, inspires confidence

Atlas High-Balance Point Shaft:

  • More energy, momentum and inertia means long, straight shots


G IRONS: Hit and Hold Greens Like a Professional

G irons are heat treated using a specialized process, creating a Hyper 17-4 alloy that is 40% stronger than traditional 17-4 SS. This allows the faces to be thinner and provide four times the face flexing with improved stability.

The results are big distance gains and a higher peak trajectory for better stopping power so you can hit and hold the green. COR-Eye Technology generates sizeable distance gains by simultaneously activating the sole, face and top rail in flexing for consistently faster ball speeds across the hotter face.

In addition to four times the face flexing, the G head is more stable and forgiving. Connecting the Custom Tuning Port to the sole creates a deeper CG that helps elevate the launch angle while increasing MOI for greater accuracy.

At address, the iron’s refined look is created by a thin top rail, satin-blast finish and appropriate offset. An enlarged multi-material damping badge joined to the cavity works with COR-Eye Technology to optimize sound and feel.

Contributing to improved performance in the G irons are PING's proprietary AWT 2.0 Ascending Weight Technology shafts, an optimal combination of physics and feel. They get lighter as they progress from the short irons to the long irons.

Lighter long-iron shafts help square the clubface to increase clubhead speed for distance and accuracy. Short iron/wedge shafts are heavier for improved trajectory control and feel.

Hyper 17-4 Stainless Steel:

  • Heat treating increases material strength 40% for thinner face, adding 5 yards of carry distance

Ping G IronsHit and Hold Greens:

  • A deeper CG position ensures higher launching shots for stopping power

COR-Eye #8482 Technology:

  • Revolutionary design increases ball speed 1.25 mph for distance with control

Perimeter Weighting:

  • Weight concentrated on the toe and hosel increases the MOI for accuracy and consistency


G CROSSOVER: Blur the Line Between Hybrid and Iron

This breakthrough design creates a new club category to combine the precision, workability and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid.

It's not a driving iron; the Crossover is far more forgiving, higher launching and more versatile. A cascading internal sole involves the entire face, sole and top rail in flexing to maximize distance.

Extreme heel-toe weighting helps locate the center of gravity low-back and expands the perimeter weighting to create a high MOI across both axes for maximizing forgiveness.

Its iron-like precision and workability comes from the flat, Carpenter 455 machined face, a narrow top rail, lie adjustability and appropriate offset.

A New Category:

  • Ball speed, distance and trajectory of hybrid; distance control, spin and accuracy of iron

Ping G Crossover SideFlat Face:

  • Iron-like design provides workability and distance control

Carpenter 455 Face:

  • Strong alloy ensures consistency in face design for higher launching, longer results

Tiered Internal Sole:

  • Distributes energy to entire face for maximum bending and distance

Low, Back CG Position:

  • Forgiveness, higher max height, ball lands softly on green