New FootJoy D.N.A customisable Golf Shoes

FOOTJOY introduces the new D.N.A. (DryJoys Next Advancement) golf shoe, now with full customisation through the MyJoys program.

FOOTJOY, the #1 Shoe in Golf, introduces the new D.N.A. (DryJoys Next Advancement) golf shoe now with full customisation through the MyJoys® program.

Offering lightweight support, a secure fit and comfortable performance in every step, D.N.A. has been widely adopted at every level of play, including on the professional Tours around the world.

In just three months after the initial launch in March, 2014, D.N.A. was the best selling shoe in golf.

The latest D.N.A. golf shoes feature a new TourLock Cleat System for enhanced performance and traction in all conditions.

While maintaining its low profile appearance, the new cleat system significantly enhances retention.

Inside D.N.A., an improved SnugFit Tongue conforms to the top of the foot and locks it in place.

“We were faced with the challenge of how to make our most feature-laden golf shoe even better and I believe we’ve accomplished that,” said VP or Product Design and Development WW, Doug Robinson.

“With influence from our leading Tour players we have upgraded the overall performance of the shoe while giving golfers the ability to add their own personal touch through the myriad of custom options in MyJoys.”

MyJoys currently offers more than 14 million ways of customising the #1 Shoe in Golf, including exotic print leathers, personalisation, country flags and more.

“D.N.A. loyalists have been clamoring for a customisable version of the shoe since its initial launch nearly two years ago, so we’re excited to offer it as a part of our MyJoys Program,” said MyJoys Marketing Manager, Rita Lepage.

The D.N.A. MyJoys golf shoes will also feature three areas of customisable colour and the largest size chart in golf with sizes ranging from 6 Narrow to 16 Wide and 7XW-12, 13XW.

Additionally 12 new microfiber leathers will be added to the MyJoys Program for use on the new D.N.A.: White Silver Sphinx, Black Silver Sphinx, Silver Fluid, White Patent, Blue Metal, Black Metal, Off White, Royal Blue, Platinum, Black, Red.

Key Features and Benefits

  • New clean toe profile preferred by the world’s best players.

  • New TourLock™ Cleat System - The TourLock cleat system provides low profile, green friendly performance and enhanced retention in all playing conditions.

  • The 3D FoamCollar™ for COMFORT -  The 3D FoamCollar molds to your ankle for ideal comfort, fit and support. Locking your ankle in place minimizing any movement of the foot – a situation that can lead to discomfort and power-reduction during the swing.

  • Re-Engineered SnugFit Tongue for FIT - The SnugFit tongue was re-engineered for additional durability. Utilising thin, soft, and breathable materials - including MicroVent™ technology - in order to properly conform to the top of your foot providing superb fit and an incredibly comfortable in-shoe environment.

  • NitroThin™ 2.0 TPU Outsole for STABILITY - The all-new NitroThin 2.0 TPU outsole has been in development for several years, undergoing numerous rounds of testing and technical modifications. The result is a super thin-yet-strong chassis that frames the soft, FTF internal midsole, delivering the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility for maximum on-course performance.

  • Xtra-Thick FTF™ FitBed® for Cushioning In order to achieve the sleek, low-profile look of D.N.A. , the midsole was moved inside the shoe. FTF™ (Fine-Tuned Foam), a new proprietary cushioning material, is used throughout the interior midsole also known as the FitBed. In order to achieve in-shoe stability as well as premium cushioning, two densities of FTF were utilised - a firmer density for stability around the perimeter of the FitBed and a softer density in the heel and forefoot providing industry-leading in-shoe comfort.

RRP: $309.95 with BOA - $279.95 with lace

AVailable: November 27, 2015

Sizes: 7-14 - with narrow, medium and wide options

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