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Morri: The Brilliance Of Min Woo Lee

Star of the future but entertainer now, Min Woo Lee is a must see golfer (Photo: Henry Peters)
Can’t miss kids that missed are a dime a dozen in golf. More than any other sport, this game has an unpredictability about it that precludes even the best judges from picking who will go on to be a world beater and who will fade into obscurity.

Some people think Western Australia’s Min Woo Lee is a can’t miss kid and there is no question the 19-year-old has all the tools to be a world class player.

Whether that happens is a question only father time can answer but in the meantime what is absolutely certain is that if you are a fan of the game, you should grab any opportunity available to watch this young man play.

According to the statistics there are 1205 golfers in the world better than Lee but after watching the lanky teen in person for the first time yesterday that seems unlikely.

The technicalities of the golf swing are an area for others though Lee’s action looks right to this untrained eye. Apart from one wild miss with the driver the bulk of his shots seemed solidly struck.

But it is not in the hitting of the ball that the joy of watching Lee is to be found, it is in the unbridled pleasure he himself clearly takes from the game.

From the lifelong double-digit duffer to the seasoned professional every golfer knows that, over time, this game has an ability to beat you down.

How refreshing, then, to encounter a golfer who plays the game for all the right reasons with the added bonus of playing shots most would never see let alone attempt.

Lee has developed a Tiger Woods style ‘stinger’ with his 2-iron to use in the wind and it was a thing of beauty to watch in person in the afternoon breeze at Twin Creeks.

The shot reaches an apex seemingly less than knee high and carries, on average according to Lee, ‘about 225’ (metres!).

But it is not just his power game, a given in this day and age, that impresses.

Lee also has the ability to see shots that others don’t and possesses the courage to hit them.

At the par-5 15th yesterday he found a fairway bunker with his second that left him about 80 metres short of the green.

The awkward distance combined with what he described as a ‘soft’ lie and an inaccessible pin called for something out of the ordinary just to find the putting surface and Lee was up to the task.

Taking a lob wedge, he somehow manufactured a bump and run shot that flew low and pitched some 30 metres short of the green before rolling out to pin high.

So unexpected was the flight as the ball emerged from the trap that this writer momentarily thought he had mis-hit the shot. It’s brilliance, though, soon became apparent.

It was a stunning example of a golfer whose talent and vision go beyond what can be learned from a trackman and it already makes Lee a compelling player to watch.

He heads to the weekend at the NSW Open three shots out of the lead and with a genuine chance to contend or even win.

Entry to the tournament at Twin Creeks Country Club, near Penrith, is free and if you have any chance to attend and see him in person you should.

If you can’t make it this week do yourself a favour and make the effort to go to the Australian Open next week where Lee is also in the field.

There are no guarantees in golf but there is every chance those who go will be watching a super star of the future.

Either way they are sure to be entertained. 


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