Morri: Golf Is All-Consuming (At Least For Some Of Us)

There's much to love about golf. For Rod Morri it's the courses, what's your poison?
How often do you think about golf? Weekly, when you arrive at the course for your comp round? Maybe every couple of days, when you see a headline or something on social media? 

What about every day, or even multiple times each day? Would that be a problem? Is it wrong?

I am obsessed by golf and I know what an enormous part the game plays in my own life but I often wonder what motivates other people’s interest in it.

In particular, I wonder about those who don’t seem to have any real curiosity about the game beyond their own regular outing.

There is nothing wrong with being that way, of course. It’s just that I don’t understand it. Golf, for me, has never been a thing to be consumed in moderation.

For a start, there are so many areas of the game to be fascinated by. If you’re into scoring and improving how you play then there is an almost endless world of instruction to dive into.

If you like the rules (this takes a certain sort of personality, I admit) then there is a whole sub culture devoted to that.

Perhaps the shiny new clubs and balls and gadgets that get released seemingly every other week toot your horn? For that there are any number of forums dedicated to the cause.

The history of the game extends back 600-odd years and is a fascinating study into how we got to where we are today.

And then there’s the bit that I like the best: the courses.

I don’t see how you could be a regular golfer without having an interest in the playing field.

I’m sure I have written this before but whenever I meet somebody who pronounces no interest in the way a golf course is laid out, I’m sceptical.

If a golfer has a favourite hole – and we all do – then they have an interest in golf course architecture. Otherwise, they might as well restrict their ‘golf’ to a driving range.

But I digress. The point is that for a significant portion of the golf playing population, the amount of time, energy and thought devoted to the game means it is less hobby and more ‘lifestyle’.

I feel as though you meet more golfers who could fairly be described as ‘passionate’ than almost any other recreational pursuit.

And more than one golfer has used the word ‘addicted’ when talking about the game.

I’m not sure this proves or disproves anything, it’s just interesting to note.

And it's something to add to the list of things that make golf unique.


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