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McIlroy influential in design of new Vapor drivers

RORY McIlroy, who was instrumental in the design of the Vapor Fly Pro driver, relies on his driver for ultimate forgiveness and distance.

NIKE Golf athlete Rory McIlroy, who was instrumental in the design of the Vapor Fly Pro driver, relies on his driver for ultimate forgiveness and distance.

“I think every golfer looks for forgiveness to make their bad shots better,” says McIlroy.

“It’s phenomenal to know that when you have a very forgiving driver like this, even if you don’t quite catch [the ball] off the middle of the face or put a good swing on it, that it still has a chance to go the same distance and be in the fairway as if you hit a good shot.

"To have that much confidence in a driver standing over a tee shot is great.”


New HyperFlight face is thinned out around the perimeter to produce extreme ball speed across the entire face for better performance on off-centre hits.

FlexFlight technology features a RZN tube with a high-density weight on one end — flipping the tube allows golfers to further optimise launch conditions by impacting launch angle, spin rate, forgiveness and workability.

Re-engineered Compression Channel enables springboard effect to amplify performance on miss-hits. 

FlyBeam Reinforced Covert Cavity Back dramatically stiffens the chassis while redistributing weight to the heel and toe for maximum impact efficiency, tuned acoustics and forgiveness.

FlexLoft 2.0 technology gives the athlete the functionality of five lofts at three face angles for a total of 15 different settings and optimal ball flight, more distance as well as enhanced workability.

Read about the newest range of Nike drivers:


Vaporflex 440v2

The new Vapor Flex 440 driver is a breakthrough in head construction. More than 60 percent of the club is built from carbon fibre reinforced RZN, a proprietary material that Nike uses in both clubs and golf balls. RZN is an extremely light, yet strong material that allows for even more weight to be repositioned forward and down for adjustability and forgiveness.

New RZN body construction makes up over 60 percent of the driver to allow for adjustability, with increased stability.

Available April, 2016.

Vapor Fly Driver 


Distinguished by its bold blue crown with iconic Volt colour in the Compression Channel, the Vapor Fly Driver has three key technologies that add up to fast ball speed, high trajectory and less spin: Flightweight CrownHyperFlight Face and Compression Channel.

Available March, 2016.



The Vapor Fly Pro Driver utilises a familiar 460cc pear shape head to create a strong trajectory with low spin but, on the inside, the club has been finely tuned to help athletes such as Rory McIlroy perform at the highest level.

Available March, 2016.


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