Matt Green: Upper Body Mobility

THIS tip will help improve both posture and swing by strengthening the muscles between the shoulder blades.

 IN this latest fitness tip we’re going to look at improving your upper body posture and mobility but also the strength and the muscles around your shoulder blades.

And today's exercise, I got from Australian golfing fitness pioneer, the late Ramsay McMaster.

We're here at Precision Athletica with our exercise physiologist Jase and we're going to look at how you can improve your strenght and upper body posture in your golf swing.

It's really important that the muscles between your shoulder blades are working well in your golf swing to maintain your upper body posture but also to keep your arms and your body are working together during the golf swing.

 Because we live in a society where we sit so much and people are often hunched over, the muscles in your upper back are stretched and really get weak.

So with some resistance tubing, there's a really easy exercise you can do to strengthen those muscles and make it really specific for your stance and golf swing.

So what I'm going to get you to do is place your elbows through the loop of band, and then bring your hands up inside.

So standing in that position, I want you up nice and tall, have your elbows so they're just inside your hands, and just think about making your collarbones wider.

That then should activate the muscles between the shoulder blades.

From that position while you maintain that, I want you to soften your knees, bend forward into your golf stance, and just hold that position.

And what I want you to focus on is keeping your collarbones wide and your shoulders down away from your ears, feeling that muscle [between your shoulder blades] working.

Hold that for about 10 seconds, and once you've finished that 10-second hold, then you can come back out of it, and repeat the process again.

If you repeat that regularly, the muscles around your shoulder blades will start to work better and it'll happen naturally in your golf swing and you won't have to think about it.


Matt -green -headshot

Matt Green is a leading Golf Physiotherapist, consulting to Golf Australia, Golf NSW and the Australasian PGA Tour.

Based out of the Institute of Sport; Precision Athletica at Sydney Olympic Park, Matt works on a daily basis with golfers of all abilities from tour professionals and elite amateurs, through to juniors and keen weekend warriors.   

Previously Matt was involved in football and basketball clubs as team Physiotherapist for the Western Sydney Razorbacks NBL basketball team and Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks NRL clubs. It was however his passion for Golf that convinced Matt to specialise and subsequently become a leader in the field. 

You can book a consultation with Matt at Precision Athletica by calling (02) 9764 5787 or through their website www.precisionathletica.com.au

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