Matt Green: Upper back flexibility

THE upper back is an important area of mobility for the golf swing and this simple exercise will help maintain that flexibility.

THE upper part of your back or thoracic spine is the bit between your shoulder blades and it’s a really important part of the spine because that’s where all the rotation takes place.

Because we do so much sitting in the modern world - in the car and at the office etc - we often get very hunched over in the upper part of the back.

When that happens, and you then get hunched over in your set up position for your golf swing, then you can’t really rotate that part of the spine properly and that has a big impact on how you move. Basically, you can’t move properly.

A really simple way to help maintain that mobility in the upper back is something you can do every night when you come home from work and it really is easy but very effective.

This exercise will help undo all the bad stuff that has happened to your back during the day.

First, grab a foam roller and place it on the ground. Now lay down with your shoulders resting on the roller right where your shoulder blades are.

Put your hands behind your head for support and then just lay back and let gravity do the work.

If you can spend 10 minutes a night doing this simple exercise, you’ll notice a big difference in how you move and your swing on the golf course each weekend.

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Matt Green HeadshotMatt Green is a leading Golf Physiotherapist, consulting to Golf Australia, Golf NSW and the Australasian PGA Tour.

Based out of the Institute of Sport; Precision Athletica at Sydney Olympic Park, Matt works on a daily basis with golfers of all abilities from tour professionals and elite amateurs, through to juniors and keen weekend warriors.   

Previously Matt was involved in football and basketball clubs as team Physiotherapist for the Western Sydney Razorbacks NBL basketball team and Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks NRL clubs. It was however his passion for Golf that convinced Matt to specialise and subsequently become a leader in the field. 

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