Matt Green: Increasing abdominal strength

INCREASING your abdominal strength takes pressure off your back and makes your golf swing more efficient.

WE all know golf is a rotation sport and how you control that rotation is key to how well you swing.

It’s important that you use your abdominal muscles to control the rotation around your spine because it takes pressure off your back while at the same time allowing you to move more efficiently in your swing.

To make sue the abdominal muscles are strong and doing their job properly, I have a simple exercise I like to get my clients to do.

I use a gym ball for this exercise and we start by lying on the ground with legs up on the ball.

I like to get people to start with their arms out by their side for a bit of extra support and then it’s just a simple matter of rolling the ball slowly from one side to the other.

Once you can do that quite comfortably what I like to do next is take the arms and fold them across the chest.

With the arms now out of the equation the control needs to happen through the abdominal wall.

Keep shoulders flat on the ground and slowly move the ball side to side again and you should feel those deep muscles through the abdominal wall starting to work and controlling the movement.

I like to get people do this 20 to 25 times in each direction and if you can do this exercise well it will really help you move more efficiently on the golf course.


Matt Green HeadshotMatt Green is a leading Golf Physiotherapist, consulting to Golf Australia, Golf NSW and the Australasian PGA Tour.

Based out of the Institute of Sport; Precision Athletica at Sydney Olympic Park, Matt works on a daily basis with golfers of all abilities from tour professionals and elite amateurs, through to juniors and keen weekend warriors.   

Previously Matt was involved in football and basketball clubs as team Physiotherapist for the Western Sydney Razorbacks NBL basketball team and Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks NRL clubs. It was however his passion for Golf that convinced Matt to specialise and subsequently become a leader in the field. 

You can book a consultation with Matt at Precision Athletica by calling (02) 9764 5787 or through their website www.precisionathletica.com.au



Matt Green