Matt Green: Improving back rotation

IMPROVING your upper back rotation with this simple exercise will have big benefits in your golf swing.

This week we’re going to look at improving rotation through the upper part of your spine, the thoracic spine. This is the area between your shoulder blades and it’s really important in the golf swing.

This part of the spine is designed to rotate and when it’s not moving well the force goes instead into your lower back and your neck and this causes a lot of pain for golfers in those two areas.

A lack of rotation in this area also means you don’t move properly and swing efficiently so getting this part of the spine working properly is really key to playing your best golf.

I’ve got a really simple drill that doesn’t take long to do and can really help improve this part of the body.

When you come home form work at night just pop down on the floor and lie on your side.

Pull your kness up to 90 degrees and put your hands behind your head.

Now roll your upper body back and try to get as close to the ground as possible. Breathe out on the ay back up and each time you go back try to go a little further.

The goal is to get your shoulder blade all the way to the ground and if you can do that you’re well on your way.

I recommend doing this 10 or 15 times each night and you’ll see you upper back rotation will improve dramatically.

And that can only help your golf swing.


Matt Green HeadshotMatt Green is a leading Golf Physiotherapist, consulting to Golf Australia, Golf NSW and the Australasian PGA Tour.

Based out of the Institute of Sport; Precision Athletica at Sydney Olympic Park, Matt works on a daily basis with golfers of all abilities from tour professionals and elite amateurs, through to juniors and keen weekend warriors.   

Previously Matt was involved in football and basketball clubs as team Physiotherapist for the Western Sydney Razorbacks NBL basketball team and Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks NRL clubs. It was however his passion for Golf that convinced Matt to specialise and subsequently become a leader in the field. 

You can book a consultation with Matt at Precision Athletica by calling (02) 9764 5787 or through their website www.precisionathletica.com.au




Matt Green