Matt Green: Improving hip flexibility

WE spend a lot of time sitting down in the modern world but there's a simple drill which will really help improve your hip flexibility.

Modern life involves a lot of sitting. We sit in the car when we drive, we sit at a desk at work and we sit on the couch at home.

One of the byproducts of all this sitting is that we lose mobility and flexibility through our hip joints.

The hips are a big rotation centre in the body and if they’re not moving well when we try to take our stance and rotate through the swing it causes a lot of problems including sliding and poor movement patterns. Naturally, this has a big impact on our game.

I have a really simple stretch which you can do every day which will go a long way towards alleviating this problem and certainly stop it from getting worse.

While sitting on your chair at work or on the couch at home get up to the edge and sit up nice and tall.

Then take one leg and cross it over the opposite knee and push down. This simple exercise stretches the deep muscles in the back of the hips and helps maintain hip mobility.

If you do this every day you’ll be moving much better when you get to the course and rotating much better as well.

And ultimately, that’s going to help your game.


Matt Green HeadshotMatt Green is a leading Golf Physiotherapist, consulting to Golf Australia, Golf NSW and the Australasian PGA Tour.

Based out of the Institute of Sport; Precision Athletica at Sydney Olympic Park, Matt works on a daily basis with golfers of all abilities from tour professionals and elite amateurs, through to juniors and keen weekend warriors.   

Previously Matt was involved in football and basketball clubs as team Physiotherapist for the Western Sydney Razorbacks NBL basketball team and Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks NRL clubs. It was however his passion for Golf that convinced Matt to specialise and subsequently become a leader in the field. 

You can book a consultation with Matt at Precision Athletica by calling (02) 9764 5787 or through their website www.precisionathletica.com.au



Matt Green