Mark Gibson: shooting lower scores

KEEPING big numbers off your card is often more about decision making than hitting good or bad shots.

ONE of the most important keys to shooting your best scores is to keep big numbers off your scorecard.

Course management might be the two most important words in golf when it comes to scoring and in the video above I throw up a classic example of where golfers make mistakes.

Having hit a great drive, I've left about 125 metres to the middle of the green and 115 metres to the flag. With just a short iron left, the temptation here is to be aggressive and go at the pin.

But because the hole is tucked just over a mound, it's very difficult to get at. I could hit a great, attacking shot straight at the flag and the likelihood is that I'll still finish too far away to guarantee a three and I will most likely make a four.

The problem is if I don't hit the shot quite right, or if it gets caught in a gust of wind, now I've brought five, six or even seven into play.

However, if I give up on the flag and aim 15 or 20 feet left, I now have a whole lot of green to work with. If I hit a good shot I'm likely to make four but, more importantly, even if I don't hit the shot particularly well I'll likely still have a good chance to make four.

Bad scores aren't always the result of bad shots. In fact, more often than not big numbers on the card are a result of taking risks not related to the reward and then things going badly from there.

The lesson is pretty simple: when facing a tough pin aim at the centre of the green. It reduces pressure and allows you to escape without a big number on the card even if you don't hit your best shot.


Mark Gibson

The name Mark Gibson is synonymous with golf. Since caddying for his father from the age of four and having his first golf lesson at six, Gibson was destined to be involved in the golf industry and it's no surprise he has become one of the nation's most sought after coaches.

Gibson has always had a passion for both learning and teaching and is one of only three out of 1200 PGA members with both AAA PGA Accreditation and Master Fitter status as a club fitter.

He has won the PGA's top teaching award, the PGA National Teacher of the year, twice while winning Queensland PGA Golf Teacher of the year an unprecedented three times.

Today, Mark is the owner and coaching director of Mark Gibson’s Exceptional Golf at Royal Pines Resort, leading a team of coaching professionals at one of the premier Golf Resorts in Australia.

To book time with Mark visit his website at www.markgibsongolf.com.au.


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