Mark Gibson: Power in the swing

ONCE we've got good posture and balance we can start using it to maximise the power in our golf swing.

WE all want more power in our golf swing but the first question to ask is whether we're making efficient use of the power we already have?

I've talked previously about the importance of balance and posture and this is where those things come into their own because without them, it's almost impossible to generate decent power in the swing.

Once we're in our good, balanced set up we want to use our back leg as a fixture and turn our chest back to about 90 degrees.

Depending on your level of flexibility this will mean turning your hips anywhere between 30 and 40 degrees.

I know a lot of instruction says you should keep your left heel on the ground but in my experience that's for the 17 and 18-year-olds. For most of us, letting the left heel come up will help get to a stronger back swing position.

At the top of the swing it's our stable right leg and hip that will initiate the energy into our down and through swing.

The energy stored there will push our lower body forward to square at impact then on into a nice finish, up on the left side.

A good drill for this is to take something like an old club shaft and hold it across the front of your shoulders.

Keeping it in place simply turn back to 90 degrees with the chest then follow all the way through to finish up on the left side.


Mark Gibson

The name Mark Gibson is synonymous with golf. Since caddying for his father from the age of four and having his first golf lesson at six, Gibson was destined to be involved in the golf industry and it's no surprise he has become one of the nation's most sought after coaches.

Gibson has always had a passion for both learning and teaching and is one of only three out of 1200 PGA members with both AAA PGA Accreditation and Master Fitter status as a club fitter.

He has won the PGA's top teaching award, the PGA National Teacher of the year, twice while winning Queensland PGA Golf Teacher of the year an unprecedented three times.

Today, Mark is the owner and coaching director of Mark Gibson’s Exceptional Golf at Royal Pines Resort, leading a team of coaching professionals at one of the premier Golf Resorts in Australia.

To book time with Mark visit his website at www.markgibsongolf.com.au.

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