Mark Gibson: Planning shots

EVERY golf shot we face needs to start with a plan and in this video you'll learn how to make an effective plan for every shot.

FAILING to plan equals planning to fail and it's as true in golf as every other walk of life. Every single shot you face in this game needs to start with a plan.

It doesn't matter whether it's drive on a long par-4 or a pitch over a bunker like the one I'm faced with in the video above, every shot starts with making a plan.

To make a plan we need to assess what it is that faces us and that starts with the lie of the ball. How the ball is sitting is going to dictate what sort of shot we are able to play and in my case above the lie is pretty good.

Now I need to assess what lies between me and the target which in this case is a bunker.

My final place to look is my target which will tell me where I want to land the ball to have it finish where I want.

Now we have all the relevant information let's make a plan. Firstly I need to decide what the shape of the shot is that I want to hit.

In this case, because of the bunker, I need to hit a shot that goes high. I also know there is a downlsope on the other side of the bunker so I want to land the ball close to the edge so it has room to run out to the flag.

Those two things tell me I want to hit a high, soft shot with not much speed.

Now that I have a plan I can choose a club that will allow me to play the shot I've chosen, in this case my highest lofted sand wedge.

And now comes probably the most important part. I need to rehearse the swing that is going to make this shot happen.

This isn't a technical drill, it's all about feeling the swing I need to make to get the result I want.

Once I have that I step in, get set up and go. I don't spend a lot of time over the ball because I don't want negative thoughts creeping in, I just want to execute what I've practised. 


Mark Gibson

The name Mark Gibson is synonymous with golf. Since caddying for his father from the age of four and having his first golf lesson at six, Gibson was destined to be involved in the golf industry and it's no surprise he has become one of the nation's most sought after coaches.

Gibson has always had a passion for both learning and teaching and is one of only three out of 1200 PGA members with both AAA PGA Accreditation and Master Fitter status as a club fitter.

He has won the PGA's top teaching award, the PGA National Teacher of the year, twice while winning Queensland PGA Golf Teacher of the year an unprecedented three times.

Today, Mark is the owner and coaching director of Mark Gibson’s Exceptional Golf at Royal Pines Resort, leading a team of coaching professionals at one of the premier Golf Resorts in Australia.

To book time with Mark visit his website at www.markgibsongolf.com.au.

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