Mark Gibson: Par 3 percentages

GOLF is a game of percentages and nowhere can you make these play more in your favour than on par-3 holes.

PAR-3's on a golf course are unique. They're the only holes that allow you to decide what angle you're going to take to the flag and then guarantee that you can play from that angle.

When you approach a par 3, there are a couple of things to consider, mainly where is the flag in relation to any hazards.

In the video above I show you how deciding where to tee up is an important part of getting your lowest possible scores on par-3 holes.

Don't just plunk your tee down anywhere and fire from there, you're doing yourself a disservice and not making full use of the golf course that's available to you.

As we can see in the example, the flag is tucked on the right of the green near a bunker and that sand trap is a no go zone.

We want to aim at the middle of the green so if we set upon the right of the tee we're firing away from the flag and that's not ideal.

If we go to the middle of the tee and aim at the centre of the green we're running parallel down the line of the green and that's not too bad.

But if we go all the way over to the left, now our line down the middle of the green is actually going towards the flag and that's what we want.

If you hit three balls from each of these three positions I'll almost guarantee that if you add up the worst scores afterward nearly all those shots would have come from the right hand tee and all the best scores will be from the left.

It's really just a case of playing the percentages and on par-3 holes especially, you get the chance to choose exactly where you play from.


Mark Gibson

The name Mark Gibson is synonymous with golf. Since caddying for his father from the age of four and having his first golf lesson at six, Gibson was destined to be involved in the golf industry and it's no surprise he has become one of the nation's most sought after coaches.

Gibson has always had a passion for both learning and teaching and is one of only three out of 1200 PGA members with both AAA PGA Accreditation and Master Fitter status as a club fitter.

He has won the PGA's top teaching award, the PGA National Teacher of the year, twice while winning Queensland PGA Golf Teacher of the year an unprecedented three times.

Today, Mark is the owner and coaching director of Mark Gibson’s Exceptional Golf at Royal Pines Resort, leading a team of coaching professionals at one of the premier Golf Resorts in Australia.

To book time with Mark visit his website at www.markgibsongolf.com.au.

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