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DECIDING what club to hit off the the at par-4 and par-5 holes is more important than a lot of golfers realise.

DECIDING what club to hit off the tee on a par-4 and par-5 holes is something many golfers don't give enough thought to.

The ninth hole at RACV Royal Pines Resort is 495 metre par-5 and most golfers step on the tee here and immediately grab the driver.

The question is, though, is that the right choice? There is a pretty simple guiding principle I follow.

If you hit a good shot with a particular club and it can find trouble then it's not the right club to hit. You want to be certain that if you hit a good shot with the club you've chosen, it can't end up in trouble.

This is how that thinking works for me on this particular hole. There is a fairway bunker down the right of this hole which I can reach with my driver so if I want to hit that club I need to go left.

If I go too far left there are trees to consider and further down on the left is a water hazard. I know I can't hit it far enough to go in that hazard and I'll back myself to not hit it in the trees so for me, the right club here is the driver.

For others those factors might mean a 3-wood or even a long iron is the best choice. The specifics are different for every golfer but the overriding principle is the same: If you hit a good shot with the club you've chosen, make sure it can't end up in trouble.


Mark Gibson

The name Mark Gibson is synonymous with golf. Since caddying for his father from the age of four and having his first golf lesson at six, Gibson was destined to be involved in the golf industry and it's no surprise he has become one of the nation's most sought after coaches.

Gibson has always had a passion for both learning and teaching and is one of only three out of 1200 PGA members with both AAA PGA Accreditation and Master Fitter status as a club fitter.

He has won the PGA's top teaching award, the PGA National Teacher of the year, twice while winning Queensland PGA Golf Teacher of the year an unprecedented three times.

Today, Mark is the owner and coaching director of Mark Gibson’s Exceptional Golf at Royal Pines Resort, leading a team of coaching professionals at one of the premier Golf Resorts in Australia.

To book time with Mark visit his website at www.markgibsongolf.com.au.

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