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Kuchar confident about US Open chances

(Photo: Bruce Young)
Matt Kuchar is one of the game's hottest players over the past two years and that form leads to speculation that this week could well be one where he puts his hand up for his first major championship title.

Kuchar has fond memories of Olympic having finished 14th as a 20 year old in the US Open here in 1998.

"That still amazes me to be 14 years ago. I feel like it was only a year or two ago. I have such vivid, such great memories of being here in '98. Particularly with playing some great golf, being in contention, finishing tied for 14th.

"Having championship Sunday fall on my 20th birthday, which also happened to be Father's Day, just a lot of special times with my dad caddying for me. So some great memories. It was a fantastic way to kick off my introduction to U.S. Open golf.

"I do remember that year I played well in the Masters earlier that year and had such a great time walking around playing Augusta National. I can remember finishing rounds of golf being in the clubhouse having lunch and being so disappointed that the round of golf was over. I was so excited to have played there, so just the place was so special.

"At the moment I like to think that it is my best opportunity for a Major. The next one on the list is this one.

"I think my temperament, my game, is suited very well for a U.S. Open. I think that I drive the ball accurately. I think I'm a guy that also can manage my game well enough to make a bunch of pars and not get on bogey trains or eliminate some of the bigger holes, bigger scores. So I definitely like my chances. I think a U.S. Open is a good fit for me.

"It's exciting to be back where I've got good memories and see how that goes. It's also nice to have played well in a Major Championship. I think I finally had some success this year at Augusta, some getting in contention this year. Ended up finishing third, but got there tied for the lead with the momentum on 15 on Sunday. And so there's just that extra bit of confidence, knowing that I've played some great golf over the last couple years and been in contention a good bit.

"But to have gotten into contention in a Major was helpful, that certainly was a big help going into the PLAYERS Championship and then to win the PLAYERS, yeah, I've got some confidence and I think my mentality and my mental makeup is definitely well suited for a U.S. Open.

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