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Jason Day Ends Long-Term Player-Caddie Relationship

Col Swatton will not caddie for Jason Day for the foreseeable future.
Jason Day will have a new caddie on the bag for this week’s BMW Championship in Chicago according to reports in several US golf media outlets.

Day will apparently have good friend Luke Reardon looping for him for the foreseeable future after relieving long-time bagman Col Swatton of his duties.

While the split hasn’t been officially confirmed, it is believed Swatton will stay on as Day’s coach.

“Everything is great when you win, but when you’re playing poorly, that’s when a true test of a relationship actually happens between a player and a caddie,” Day said.

"It’s more my fault, really, because he’s out there trying to do the best job he can and, unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t work out no matter how hard he works. The positive vibes and the positives he’s trying to put out and all the numbers that he can get and information he can get sometimes just doesn’t work out.”

Day reiterated, though, that Swatton is “not out of my world one bit.”

Day said Wednesday at the BMW Championship that Swatton will remain his swing coach, a position he’s held since the 29-year-old Day was 12.

Day and Swatton together at the 2004 Australian Open in Sydney.

“He’s always going to be my coach, always will, unless he gets paid more somewhere else,” Day said. “I’m planning on trying to keep him around. I don’t want anyone else to get coached by him because he’s a really good coach.

"I felt like if I was going to keep it going -- I know that he wanted -- he always wanted to work and do whatever he needs. He said, "You can yell at me if you want", that that's how good of a guy he is. I said, "No, I can't damage the relationship that we've had together.

"He's a father figure for me ever since I was a kid and I wanted to make sure that it's still there. Went a little further and kept on like butting heads out there and also me. I'm the player. I'm the one -- he's got zero ego.Unfortunately, sometimes I get in my own way. And, as golfers, it's a very mentally driven game and sometimes you look for blame elsewhere and obviously I'm not trying to blame him.

"Like I said, he was an amazing caddy, amazing coach and amazing person. He's done pretty much everything he possibly can to get me to where I'm going. Unfortunately, just didn't work out. So, like I said, nothing is broken.

"I could have him on the bag next year. Might be a bag share thing. I just don't know yet. This is kind of the first time I've actually been separated from Col as a player/caddy relationship and I'm trying to find my footing here and it's kind of bad timing but it had to at some point and obviously..."

Reardon is expected to also caddie for Day at next week’s Tour Championship at East Lake should Day advance. (Day is 28th in the FedEx Cup standings and only the top 30 progress to Atlanta.)

Reardon, a former roommate of Day's at Hills Golf Academy in Queensland, reportedly won’t caddie at the Presidents Cup because his US visa expires before the event in New Jersey at the end of the month.

Fellow Australian and former PGA Tour player David Lutterus, now ranked No. 1103 in the world, will carry Day's bag for the Internationals against the US.

Day is planning on have Reardon caddie long-term, but didn’t rule out re-hiring Swatton as his bagman.

Swatton guided Day to his 2015 PGA Championship victory.

“It may be somewhere down the road where four months from now – I don’t even know how long it will be – but I can come back to him and say, ‘Look, man, I made a mistake and I need to come back and have you on the bag,'” Day said.

"Obviously, I know there’s a relationship there and me and him have been inseparable since the day I came out. Once again, he’s my coach and always will be. I love him so much. I just want to make sure I did the right thing. Obviously, when you let go of someone, sometimes it’s hard, but there’s been a lot going on this year.”

Day has failed to recapture the form that took him to the top of the world rankings in 2015 and hasn’t won a tournament anywhere since the 2016 Players Championship.

"I'm blaming him for nothing,'' Day said of Swatton. "The last couple of weeks were tough. I never wanted it to turn into a toxic relationship, where he's taken me from where I was as a 12-year-old kid to where I am today and I'm not talking to him anymore."


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