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Jarrod Lyle Says He 'Owes It' to Compete Again

Jarrod Lyle is still optimistic about returning to compete professionally at least one more time.
Victorian golfer Jarrod Lyle said he owes it to his supporters to eventually return to professional competition as he continues his third battle with leukaemia.

Speaking to RSN Breakfast Club radio, Lyle said he has responded well since receiving a stem cell transplant using cells from his younger brother and fellow pro golfer, Leighton, in early December.

“Everything at the moment is going ok," said Lyle, who found out in July last year that the leukaemia he'd twice beaten had returned.

“Blood counts and all the sort of major milestones and markers that the doctors look at are all heading in the right direction so it’s kind of, I guess you could say it’s pretty positive at the moment, my doctor is pretty positive with everything.

“You take it one day at a time and things can change pretty quickly unfortunately but the more time I spend out of hospital, the better I’m going to be.”

The former PGA Tour player said he is preparing for an emotional family milestone later this week when his daughter, Lusi, goes to primary school for the first time.


“It’s Thursday so I probably won’t be there to drop her off but I’ll be there to pick her up.

“She’s already organised to take me on a bit of a tour around the school which I haven’t seen yet.

“It’s going to be nice to just get home for a day, I haven’t been in Torquay for nearly two months.”

Lyle made a public appearance at the Australian Open in Sydney in November, spending time on-site for the Channel 7 broadcast and to promote his family business, Lyle Apparel.

He admits there have been some especially dark moments since.

“The mental side of it when you wake up every day and you know you’re going to feel horrendous and then you sleep most of the day and then half the time you don’t know where you are.

“It’s very hard to put that stuff behind but I guess with all those years of fighting on the golf course and fighting the other two times through this, for me it’s a little bit easier to sort of put that mental side of it behind and keep looking for the positives.

Lyle last appearance on tour was in May last year at the WA PGA when he finished in a tie for 45th.

“Hopefully one day I can play one more tournament and see what happens.

“If I never play again, like I said the last time, it’s not going to worry me but I think I owe it to a lot of people to get back out there for one more event at least and have a crack and just to get out there and say thanks for all the support from everybody."


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