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Jarrod Lyle on his plans for 2014

JARROD Lyle discusses his plans for 2013, including a potential return to the PGA Tour in time for the 2014/15 season opener.

WELL I hope everybody had a great Christmas with family and didn’t eat and drink too much like me! We had fun watching Lusi open her presents from Santa. 

I haven’t been up to much on the golfing front lately. I have started to get in the gym a bit to work on my fitness and my strength, two areas I learnt a lot about from playing the Australian Masters. I found out that these needed the most work for me to get back to the PGA Tour and be competitive again. For people that know me they will know that I have never been a huge fan of the gym, so this is a big step forward but one I need to take to take it to the young guys on tour now. 

I am also doing a lot of work with my coach Sandy Jamieson at the moment. We have put in place a training program that will cover all areas of my game. This will work in conjunction with my gym program. So it’s going to be very busy for me coming up, which is a good thing.

January has a few pro ams around Victoria that I am going to play in. I am playing at Goonawarra, Clifton Springs, Curlewis, Keysborough and Pakenham. It’s a good way to get my game in some shape for my next big challenge, which is going to be the Victorian Open at Thirteenth Beach starting on February 20th.

I will be using this event to see if there is any improvement in my strength, fitness and golf game. My preparation will be very involved and I want to go out and try and win it. I am getting a very experienced caddy for the week and we will prepare like it’s a major. This will hopefully give me a good look at where everything is at and hopefully work towards a return to America in June or July of this year. This is something that we are working towards but it’s not set in concrete. This is the best-case scenario. I would go back and play my remaining warm up events on the Web.Com tour and then return to the Tour at the Frys.com Open in October, which is now the start of the 2014/15 season.    

Who out there was very sad for Adam Scott not falling short in his bid for the illustrious “Triple Crown” after finishing second at the season-ending Australian Open. I was standing on the last fairway watching Adam and Rory come up and I was devastated that he didn’t get it. His shot onto the green was only 3 meters from winning the tournament. But not taking anything away from Rory, who needed a birdie to stand any chance of winning and came through with the biggest birdie he made in all of 2013.  It was very important for him to get his first victory after changing equipment companies at the start of 2013.

Adam has had an amazing season and to top off the year was voted Amercian Golf Writers' Association player of the year on the PGA Tour. So I think he would be very pleased about his 2013 season.

I hope 2014 has some great golf in store for each and every one of you. Remember that you drive for show and putt for dough!

Whether you are playing your best mate or your arch-enemy, here’s a tip to get inside their heads. Ask them if they breathe in or out on their back swing!

Jarrod Lyle

Jarrod Lyle is the professional ambassador for the 2013 Golf Link Race to Bonville, which is supporting the Challenge charity, helping relieve the pressure for children and families living with cancer. To make a donation, please visit the Challenge website.

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