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Hannah Green Readies for Major Homecoming

Hannah Green holds the KPMG Women's PGA Championship trophy aloft.
Hannah Green is bracing for a momentous welcome when she arrives home in Perth tomorrow as Western Australia’s first ever golf major champion.

The 22-year-old etched her name in history yesterday, breaking through on the LPGA Tour with a wire-to-wire major victory which had never been done.

Her unlikely triumph at the KPMG Women’s PGA in Minneapolis may not sink in until she emerges from the international arrivals gate at Perth Airport around midday on Wednesday.

“I’ve had a lot of media stuff to do which is obviously new to me,” Green told a host of Australian sports journalists on a teleconference this morning as she sat in a US airport.

“My mum and dad will be picking me up from the airport so I’m sure when I see them there will be a few tears but obviously happy tears.

“It’s going to be a really strange feeling coming home probably after a nearly 30-hour journey home. I’m sure it will start to sink in and I’m sure when I get back to Perth Airport and there’s some media there, then maybe I’ll be like, ‘Oh wow ok, this is really happening’.”

Green won’t have the winners trophy with her; she had to leave it at Hazeltine National before a replica trophy is sent her way.

But she made the most of the hours she had with the official silverware, drinking vodka and lemonade from it in her post-victory celebrations with boyfriend and fellow pro golfer Jarryd Felton, Karrie Webb, Su Oh and several others household names of Australian women’s golf.

“The trophy, I don’t know if you saw me pick it up, but it was awfully heavy. When I was taking a drink out of it last night I needed a couple of extra hands to help me lift it.”

The first quiet moment Green had following the epic win was on the drive to the airport on Monday which gave her a chance to sort through the abundance of messages.

Such was the hysteria and whirlwind of media commitments that immediately followed the winning putt, Green wasn’t able to contact her parents for about an hour.

“It was difficult to do that because I was so emotional at the time and I really wanted to share that moment with my parents as soon as I could.”

Green is now guaranteed a place on the LPGA Tour for the next five seasons and having major success in only her second full year on the circuit was not what she expected.

“I always thought I would slowly progress in my career and even Ritchie [Smith] and my whole entire team back in Perth always thought that would be the case as well.

As is the norm with today's elite pro golfers, Green has an entourage of people around her.

Smith looks after her swing and then there's strength and conditioning coach Jordan Stares, WA-based physio Marty McInnes and a separate physio for when she’s in the US.

Karrie Webb’s impact on Green has been well-documented and the seven-time major winner has already offered to help her former scholarship recipient deal with the sponsorship and management offers that will no doubt come her way.

Green has pulled out of this week’s LPGA Tour event in Arkansas, admitting that finding focus in the aftermath of such a momentous achievement would be difficult.

She won’t compete if she can’t get the best out of herself which explains her pledge in 2019 to not spend more than seven weeks away from Australia.

“I think it’s definitely helped me with how I feel on course and off course. I’ve also been travelling with Su Oh and that’s made a big difference, just having someone that I can relate to.

Green is already planning time to show off her replica trophy to fellow members at Mount Lawley Golf Club but golf aside, there are two special gifts she plans to buy for herself.

“One is a bag and one is a ring. I really want a Dimanche Handbag and a Cartier ring.”

Hannah Green has earned them both.

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